A Book from a Friend

learningI have a section on my bookshelf of books written by friends and colleagues, and they’re all signed. It’s a special collection, because they are written by people with whom I have a connection or relationship. It’s kind of cool. Some of these books and authors are:

  • Confucius Meets Piaget: An Educational Perspective on Ethnic Korean Children and Their Parents, by Jonathan Borden
  • Shanghai Girls: Uncensored and Unsentimental, by Lan Lan
  • Lessons from a Desperado Poet, by Baxter Black (and others by Baxter)
  • Finding Your Feet in Chicago: The Essential Guide for Expat Families, by Veronique Martin-Place
  • Can Any Good Come from Nazareth? Following Jesus at a Distance, by Kevin L. Moore
  • Rolling Around Heaven All Day, by Stan Purdum (and others by Stan)
  • The Welcoming Congregation: Roots and Fruits of Christian Hospitality, by Henry G. Brinton (and others by Henry)
  • More Like Not Running Away, by Paul Shephard

Some of the authors on this list have my books as well.

I bring this up as sort of a public service, since I know that during Advent, we’re often worried about finding the appropriate gift.

So I suggest that you visit my site, timothymerrill.net, select “Books” and order a novel or my latest non-fiction book, Learning to Fall: A Guide for the Spiritually Clumsy. If you order the paperback version soon, it can be at your friend’s house, or in the mail box of a family member easily in time for Christmas Eve gift-opening.

Such a gift is personal and unique — “My friend Timothy wrote this, and I thought you’d like it …” Etc. etc. Kind of cool, I think. And if your friends really like historical fiction and medieval historical fiction, they’ll love The Count of Chartres. If they would like a more whimsical novel, The Temporary Typist will keep them enthralled. The story takes place in Iowa, 1952.

How about the story of a family’s sabbatical taken back in pre-Internet days? Winkies, Toilets and Holy Places is a hoot, and you’ll be laughing — at my expense. It’s a love story, really. Non-fiction.

Gift ideas. Just a thought. Just for you.

Have a Blessed Advent season!