The Reverend Archibald Woodrow Cushing, B.A., M.Th. (King’s College, London) is the pastor of a small federated church in Bathington, Iowa, 1952. He’s not satisfied; he wants a big city church where he believes his congregation will be highly educated, and where he will enjoy lively interfaith relationships with other clergy. But his superior, the Rev. Dr. Horace Bonewald, B.A., M.A., Th.D, D.D., says that this cannot happen until Cushing finds himself a wife. This news is disconcerting and launches him on a journey filled with doubts, missteps, confusion and self-destructive behaviour. Cushing considers the wife potential of the females of his congregation. He realizes that Mildred Cooper, a widow, might be interested in the matrimonial position now open at Bathington Community Church. She even agrees to enroll in a seminar for prospective pastors’ wives. But there are complications which include a suicidal paramour, a long-lost love, an anonymous suitor — complications which take the reader to London, India and L. A. Filled with twists, humor and surprises, The Good That We Would captivates the reader with a tale that evokes laughter, tears, and thoughtful reflection.

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