WinkiesTolietsIf you think this is a book about traveling with children, well, of course, you’re right. But that’s only part of what this book is about. More than simply a “travel” guide, this is a book about relationships. It’s the story of a new family brought together by a recent marriage and about being together 24/7 in this new arrangement for more than five months. It’s a family that’s been cobbled together for only twenty-four months and this adventure will be a test. It’s a journey that will take them from Colorado in August to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. This little tribe is what family therapist and sociologist Barbara Carnal calls a “patch-work” family—four separate, unique individuals with different life experiences, not necessarily connected by blood bonds, but stitched together by love, conversation, respect, and a good sense of humor. This trip, then, was a journey deeper into relationships and intimacy—parent/child, wife/husband, stepparent/stepchildren, as well as our relationship with God. It’s also a journey into laughter, joy, anger, despair, frustration, gratitude and appreciation. So, see what you think. This book is written for people who enjoy travel and traveling with children. But it’s also for those who are curious about how human beings manage to stay connected and in harmony with each other. It’s really a love story.

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